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Our mission is to control metabolic disease by modulating the appetite through an intervention on the microbiome.



Is to use the concept of molecular mimicry to physiologically bind well-described pharmacological targets with bacterial metabolites and derived small molecules

TargEDys® translates its unique understanding of the gut-brain axis to develop and manufacture nutritional and therapeutic solutions to control metabolic diseases. The company aims to be at the forefront of safe and effective weight management to improve the health and life quality of many over and underweight people.


The TargEDys research team at the INSERM lab of Rouen University has identified a novel mechanism of appetite regulation involving bacterial, hormonal mimetic, proteins that are found naturally in the gut microbiome. This mechanism acts as the basis of TargEDys’ two technologies: ProbioSatys™ and ProbioNutrys™, which respectively moderate the appetite of overweight people and restore the appetite of elderly, cachexic or anorexic people.




people (>20yrs) are overweight
(WHO, 2009)


biggest risk factor for death is obesity
(WHO, 2014)


of the population in France are overweight
(INVS, 2016)


of the US population are affected by obesity and overweight
(OECD, 2017)


of the worldwide adult population are obese
(The Lancet, 2016)


people worldwide suffering from eating disorders
(Renfrew, 2003)


most common chronic illness for adolescents is anorexia
(Yeo&Hughes, 2011)


of cancer patients
are affected
by cachexia
(Anker, 2014)


of cancer deaths
are caused
by cachexia
(Takabe, 2015)


of elderly
people are
(Bozzetti, 2010)




Latest company news and where to find us

28th-30th November, 2018

Journées Francophones de Nutrition

Organised by the Société Francophone Nutrition Clinique et Metabolisme (SFNCM) and the French Nutrition Society (SFN). This meeting will cover all the aspects of Nutrition, from the bench to the bed of the patient, from the production of the food to its consumption, from animal to Man. In short, enough to satisfy everyone's needs for knowledge between symposia, plenary lectures, oral and poster communications.

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29th-30th October, 2018

6th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA

Here Grégory Lambert, CEO, will be presenting TargEDys innovative technology and introducing our new product, a probiotic 2.0 for weight loss. This conference attracts 400 industry, academic and investment leaders to discuss the microbiome in health and disease; challenges and opportunities in moving research towards commercialization; and potential partnerships and collaborations.

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10-12th October, 2018

2nd International Probiotics, Nutrition & Microbiome Conference

Here TargEDys CEO, Grégory Lambert, will present our novel technology and introduce our first product (a Probiotic 2.0 for weight loss) as well as chairing session 3. The aim of the conference is to learn about recent advances, likely future developments and to exchange scientific ideas and experiences in our field all within a unique environment.

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Learn more about our technology

ProbioSatys™ ProbioNutrys™


The human microbiome is the genome of our microbes. It is 150 times more diverse than our human genome and formed of 5000-different species of bacteria living all over our bodies, especially our gut, mouth and skin. This symbiotic bacterial community is vital for day-to-day bodily functions such as immunity, defence against pathogens, host nutrition, synthesis of vitamins, fat storage and influencing human behaviour. An imbalance in one’s microbiome has been linked to a range of diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer and Obesity. A key step to unlocking the potential of many microbiome based treatments is to fully understand the microbiome and its interactions with the human host.


The gut-brain axis is the bidirectional communication between the central and enteric nervous systems, linking the emotional and cognitive centres of the brain with peripheral intestinal functions. Gut microbiota are very important in influencing these interactions. TargEDys® has discovered a new mechanism of appetite regulation that involves this axis and has developed two types of innovative technology for the treatment of over and underweight patients, ProbioSatys™ and ProbioNutrys™ respectively.


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projects PLATFORM


Enhancing natural
satiety pathways

After a meal, intestinal bacteria feed on the ingested food and begin to multiply. During this growth phase, the bacteria produce various signals that allow them to interact with the brain. One such signal is the protein ClpB, produced by Enterobacteria naturally present in the intestines. ClpB has been identified as a mimetic of the satiety hormone (α-MSH) that regulates food behaviour at both peripheral and central levels.

When released, ClpB directly stimulates the enteroendocrine L-cells of the intestine to produce satiety hormones. ClpB also enters the bloodstream to act on satiety regulation in the central nervous system by mimicking α-MSH. The resulting effect is the feeling of satiety or fullness after a meal.


The basis of the ProbioSatys™ technology is an Enterobacteria probiotic strain that produces satiety protein, ClpB.

• Decrease of body weight gain
• Decrease of food intake
• Improvement of body composition
• Activation of lipolysis
• Activation of central satiety pathways


TargEDys is currently demonstrating the efficacy of another hormone mimetic technology that exploits the gut-brain axis to improve the appetite of anorexic, cachexic or elderly patients.

Publications &


Here are our latest peer reviewed publications, press releases and press articles.

Nature Reviews Endocrinology (2017)

Fetissov, Serguei O.

Role of the Gut Microbiota in Host Appetite Control:
Bacterial Growth to Animal Feeding Behaviour

The life of all animals is dominated by alternating feelings of hunger and satiety — the main involuntary motivations for feeding-related behaviour. Gut bacteria depend fully on their host for providing the nutrients necessary for their growth. […] This Review analyses the data relevant to possible involvement of the gut bacteria in the regulation of host appetite and proposes an integrative homeostatic model of appetite control that includes energy needs of both the host and its gut bacteria.

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Breton J., R. Legrand et al.

« Elevated Plasma Concentrations of Bacterial ClpB Protein in Patients with Eating Disorders ».

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Breton, J. et al.

« Gut Commensal E. coli Proteins Activate Host Satiety Pathways following Nutrient - Induced Bacterial Growth ».

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Fetissov, S. O., R. Legrand, and N. Lucas.

« Bacterial Protein Mimetic of Peptide Hormone as a New Class of Protein - Based Drugs ».

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15th November 2018

Neovia signs an R&D partnership with TargEDys and continues to innovate on the petcare market

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2nd July, 2018

Philippe Lavielle appointed Chairman of the TargEDys Board of Directors

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04th April 2017

TargEDys extends Series A and appoints new Board Members.

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9th March 2017

Bpifrance soutient TargEDys et lui octroie une aide pour le développement à l’innovation de 1,1 million d’euros.

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18th July 2016

TargEDys, laureate of the International Innovation Contest (CMI)

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27th June 2016

TargEDys and Inserm Transfert on behalf of Rouen Normandy University and Rouen University Hospital (CHU) sign an exclusive international licensing agreement on a patent portfolio in microbiome-based research.

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14th April 2016

TargEDys develops new microbiome -based solutions for appetite regulation and announces a €5.8M international round of financing to demonstrate product clinical efficacy.

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TargEDys has completed Series A funding of 10.6 M€ and will begin Series B in 2020.


NCI is an investment company operating in Normandy and in Ile de France. NCI strives to create sustainable value within its portfolio companies by reconciling finance, economic development and social welfare.

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Pontifax is a venture capital firm focusing on groundbreaking innovations in the life sciences arena. Founded in 2004 and with $350M under management, Pontifax seeks transformative, innovative healthcare opportunities at all development stages.

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With over €660m in assets under management, Seventure Partners is a leading venture capital firm in Europe. Since 1997, Seventure Partners has invested in innovative businesses with high growth potential in two fields: Digital technologies and Life sciences.

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Zaluvida an integrated global life science group lead out of it’s corporate offices in Switzerland. By using unique bioactive compounds extracted from nature, we pioneer in tackling some of the world’s big challenges like obesity, antibiotic resistance and livestock emissions.

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The main strengths of the team are a very strong Board and Development Committee and CEO with valuable experience running biotech companies, marketing, research and launch products both medical and nutraceutical.

Pierre Déchelotte

Prof, MD, PhD

Medical Referent

Sergueï Fetissov

Prof, MD, PhD

Scientific Referent

Grégory Lambert

PhD, Pharm D

CEO and VP R&D

Antonia Trower


Marketing Manager

Bénédicte Hérate


Office Manager

Clémentine Picolo


Project Manager

Franck Albert

Senior Consultant

Commercial Manager

Manon Dominique


PhD Student

Marie Galmiche


PhD Student

Nicolas Lucas


Research Manager

Romain Legrand


Research Manager

Saïda Azhar


Lab Technician

Board of Directors

Medical Referent

Pierre Déchelotte

MD 1990, Gastroenterologist, Rouen – PhD 1992, Paris -Post -doctorant 1993, Hannover. Professor of human Nutrition and Head of Clinical Nutrition, Rouen University Hospital Past-President of European Society for Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism (ESPEN 2010) Original papers : 120 ; h-index 26. Inventor of 8 patents. BWA now TargEDys co-founder.

CEO and VP R&D

Grégory Lambert

Grégory LAMBERT's career has been split between biotech and pharmaceutical companies, in roles such as VP of R&D and General Manager of Novagali Pharma (now Santen) and CSO at Septodont. His responsibilities covered management of IP and business development activities, innovation and CMC as well as pre-clinical and clinical development in Europe and North America. Gregory is an inventor on more than 20 patents, he was involved in the IPO of Novagali Pharma and he drove the development of several pharmaceutical products from the laboratory to market authorisations. In 2014, Gregory joined the scientific founders of TargEDys as CEO to setup the business plan and start operations.

Chairman of the Board


Philippe LAVIELLE is an accomplished entrepreneur. He is currently Chairman and CEO of Fermentalg, a French industrial biotech company specialising in microalgae derived products. Until July 2014 Philippe was President and CEO of Virdia Inc., a biotech company producing carbohydrates from cellulosic biomass. His teams developed one of the world’s most advanced ligno-cellulosic bio-refinery platforms. Prior to joining Virdia, Philippe was Executive Vice President of Genencor Inc., the US based world leader in industrial biotechnology in renewable fuels and bio-chemicals. Philippe is also a Board member of Clara Foods Inc., a US company working towards creating the world’s first animal-free egg white.

Independant Board Member


Danilo has extensive experience as a senior pharmaceutical executive and as a highly successful serial entrepreneur. Most recently he was a founder and President of CM&D Pharma Ltd, a medical foods company he founded in 2007 and sold to Nestle Health Science in 2011. He is currently a Director on the boards of companies based in the USA, Italy, Ireland, Finland and France as well as a Cofounder in some of them. Danilo is an expert in start-ups and co-ventures in the pharmaceutical sector.

President & CEO, Seventure Partners


Isabelle is President and CEO of Seventure Partners and manages the Life Sciences team. She brings 25 years of international experience in life sciences business development and finance. Isabelle leads the life sciences team and makes direct investments, mainly in France and Scandinavia and in the US/Canada with a focus on biotech, nutrition, personalised medicine and especially microbiome. Isabelle’s track record includes Santaris (sold to Roche for $450 millions in august 2014), Argenx (listed), OPI pharma (sold to Eusa for Euro 110 millions), Bioalliance (listed), Pixium Vision (listed), as well as Enterome Bioscience, Maat Pharma and TargEDys.

Venture Partner, Seventure Partners


Eric is Venture Partner with Seventure Partners, a Paris-based venture investor investing broadly in life sciences, with a specific focus on the human microbiome. Seventure closed the first microbiome fund worldwide, called Health for Life, in December 2015. Formerly, Eric was the CEO of a Swiss Biotech company and has led Roche’s global function of External Research and Technologies. Eric is a scientist by training (protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography). He was trained as an engineer and physicist at Ecole Centrale de Paris, holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Paris XI University, and an MBA (honors) from INSEAD.

Analyst, Pontifax


Ohad is an analyst at Pontifax, a healthcare-dedicated VC based in Israel. He joined Pontifax in 2009 and focuses on early stage biotechnology investments with an emphasis on oncology and rare diseases. Ohad's work primarily revolves around evaluating new investment opportunities and company creation. He holds a M.S. in biology from Tel-Aviv University.

Chief Scientific Officer, Zaluvida Group


Matthias's expertise lies in bringing a product concept through to developement and clinical trials. Prior to his appointement as Chief Scientific Officer at Zaluvida, Matthias was the MD and COO of analyze & realize GmbH, a Berlin based life science compagny, wich is now part of Zaluvida Group. From 1987 till 2006, he worked in managing positions with German compagnies operating in the field of natural health products.

Investment analyst, NCI


Laurie is an investment analyst at NCI, a Normandy -based structure which invests in companies operating in Normandy and in Paris. NCI accompanied more than 130 firms at different stages (VC, LBO, growth capital) and in diverse industries. With a double-digit growth track record, and €180M in managed assets (entrusted by public and private institutional investors), NCI conciliates finance and economic development. Laurie graduated from Rouen Business School in Corporate Finance and passed all the three levels of the CFA Program.

Co-Founder and CEO, Zaluvida Holdings


Thomas has 25 years of experience of building and selling businesses, technologies and completely new categories and markets from scratch in the field of Biotechnology, Nutraceuticals, Medical Devices and Animal Health. Combining that with broad in-depth experience and skills in all aspects of business operations, such as Business Development, Marketing, Finance, R&D, Legal, Supply Chain, IP and Regulatory Affairs, as well as his unwavering passion and visionary thought leadership makes Thomas the ideal person to lead Zaluvida during this next phase of its exciting development.




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