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Distribution & Business partners

We develop and produce premium, science-backed precision probiotics to improve people's health and quality of life. These solutions are useless if people don't have access to them or don't know about them.

We offer the turnkey products with strong IP, a marketing package and proof of efficacy, usually with an exclusivity model.

We seek business partners willing to invest in a long-term collaboration, ideally from the pharmaceutical or nutraceutical sector and with experience in probiotics or cardiology, pediatrics or mental wellness, looking to differentiate themselves with the next generation of products.

Research and development partners

From academic breakthrough technology to finished product, our know-how is to identify and develop industrial processes and technologies to enable the formulation and production of PreciBiomic food supplements

We are eager to meet research partners, academic or private, with breakthrough microbiome- based technologies to improve health and quality of life in the 21st century.

We are also keen to develop research partnerships with academic and private actors to deepen the scientific evidence on the existing technologies, demonstrate efficacy in vivo and in clinical studies.

Contact us to discuss potential synergies!

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